Calcium Supplement for Healthy Bones

GNC Women's Ultra Mega multivatiminsCalcium is essential for building & maintaining strong, healthy bones in men and women. Supplementation of calcium is a key to preventing osteoporosis and increasing quality of life. We have varieties for all ages, from adolescents to seniors.

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The human body contains nearly three pounds of calcium, about 99 percent of which is in the bones. Throughout life, bones are in a constant state of reformation as calcium is continually removed from and re-deposited in the bones.

Adequate levels of calcium are needed every day to ensure that bone mineral density is maintained. Without enough calcium from your diet, the body will take it from bone structure, which results in a net loss of bone calcium.

Health and Endurance is a former distributor of USANA Active CalciumTM, carefully formulated to enable its ingredients to work together to promote strong and healthy bones.

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